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Big Bertha's Outrageous Adventure!

I am a beautiful barvarian bombshell of a girl, with the lusterous black and mahogany hair. I won't lie, I'm a BIG girl, but I have pretty brown eyes that will win you over. At almost 10 years old, you may think I'm pretty young, but I am already getting pretty grey in places! That would be because I am a Rottweiler, and this is the blog of my life as a Service Dog... I count the days since my life has changed, when I arrived at my new home, where I am a working girl for Dad, and a pet for Pa. I work VERY hard, and I know all SORTS of commands and tasks to help my Dad get along in life. He has trouble with a lot of very intimate aspects of his health, and I am here to make him able to do things like go shopping or out to a movie without having to risk an emergency that would put him back in the hospital. I'm Dad's second Service Dog- his first is 'dead dawg' who died very suddenly, and whom he speaks very highly of. His name was "Axel"! Me, I live to WORK! I love my job like you can't imagine!! Sometimes, people say that it is bad that dogs are 'used' as working animals for people with disabilities, but I'm not suffering!! I get to go EVERYWHERE with my Dad! How many other dogs get to go /everywhere/? Even into the store, or a restraunt, or a movie... I love movies. I really WATCH them! I enjoy the whole experience of working for Dad, even when he is feeling horrible, and I have to act in an emergency! I feel so proud when it's over, I strut around and wag my stumpy tail and I DANCE for joy!

My life is very good, and I hope you enjoy reading about it in my very own perspective. Dad types it all in for me of course, and I hope my readers realize that this is, essentially, a work of creative viewpoints. The events are real, the people are real, and *I* am real! ...but a dog can't really TYPE a BLOG... so Dad blogs for me, from the viewpoint he imagines I must have, based on the behaviors and attitudes he sees and records here. (For instance, if he says, "I was so mad, I pouted all day!" You can know that I pouted as if I were mad. It would be pretty amazing if I COULD type that, but I'm not quite THAT amazing!) Dad hopes that you enjoy his way of recording my life here, and if you have comments, feel free to make them as much to him and my family as to me. I love feedback!

NOTE: Dad has to add this, even though it is very sad:

I have gotten old now, and my health is not good. My knees hurt allatime, and I have one eye that the vet says I can only see light out of anymore- no depth perception... I got some fatty tumors now, and some chest problems, and my hips were never quite perfect anyway, so it's all very... old.

The time has come to begin the work of training a SUCCESSOR DAWG! ...I have met her, and she is only a tiny ball of roly poly FLUFF right now. Dad though, says that She cannot come home yet.

This is because he has to pay a certain amount to obtain her, before he can even take her home and the training process begins! (Sad, but the cost is partly because she has GOOD hips, and GOOD eyes, and a GOOD temperment, and a GREAT pedigree that has a warrenty against all those stupid problems I had to cope with... cause I was a rescue, you know. This time, Dad would like to not have to start saying goodbye at only ten years old! It makes him so sad.)

We are JUST starting the Fundraising!!

If you want to donate cash, here is a button that puts the funds in a /Dedicated/ account that ONLY gets used for this.

Our Goal is to get the 800.00 Deposit as FAST as possible, so this is the puppy we get. The TOTAL cost, (including the deposit of course) is 1500.00!

Dad knows this will be HARD WORK... but maybe with friends, we can do it?

I wanna help! If I can help, you tell me how!

If YOU can help, you tell ME how!! (and Dad, of course!)

Here's the donate button: