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Big Bertha
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28th-Sep-2010 01:54 am - I have to make posts now, you know.
And I ("Dad") wanted to make a post, since Bertha cannot make them anymore... just in case some of you were following still, and didn't know how things have been in the past two months since we lost Big Bertha.

For one, you can follow her 'successor' at constant_heart if you're interested in that. Cora is progressing as we hoped, with the usual level of stumbling blocks. The Trainers I have consulted think it will be another six months to a year before she begins to really take over any "Service Dog" tasks, though.

She wieghs about 70lbs now, at only six months old! She has all her basic 'training' down (sit, stay, etc) but only a couple pre-service dog tasks. She is, above all else, a PUPPY... with the usual puppy problems. :P

She is just starting to grasp she may have a greater ROLE in our lives. She hasn't yet figured out what that may be... but she will catch on. We are keeping our fingers crossed, that she will have the 'gene' or 'knack' that will allow her to smell my seizures BEFORE they happen, but of course, even if she cannot, she will be able to react TO them, so no worries. We just REALLY hope.

Me... I am not doing as well as I would like. A lot of things in my life are not 'right' right now... and a BIG one is that she is not there anymore.

So MANY of her tasks had to do with helping me mitigate my PTSD and anxieties, or giving me the freedom to move about on my own safely... it's really made life difficult to adjust without her.

One of her tasks was a lot like bio-feedback, in which she placed her chest against mine, and helped me to slow my own metabolism, to calm down when I was upset, or fearful. It turns out, there's not much that can substitute for that. (except of course, a biofeedback machine and the training to use it. I don't have either. Bleah.)

One was her three-stage seizure reaction skills- the final stage of which was to push a button that summoned 911 if I did not rouse from a seizure. This is HARD on both me AND Jim, because he is gone all the time at work or college, and he never knows if I am 'ok' or not, because there is no one with me, to call if I have one and do not wake. It scares him, and it makes me ANXIOUS and SCARED.

A BIG issue is that now, I cannot drive alone, because I don't have that 'early warning system'. No Big Bertha, to tell me 'no, don't go out today, Dad, you will have a seizure!' ...and no Big Bertha in the car, to alert to me if I am going to have one in the next hour, or half hour, or whatever... (They're 'gentle' Seizures, more like falling asleep, not grand mal thrashing- but still... that means if I DID drive alone, I would have maybe two or three minutes to just pull off the road wherever was handy, when I felt it coming on- it's hard to find a SAFE place to stop your car and just... have a seizure- imagine having two minutes, to find a place to stop and sleep, insensibly? it's the same thing, in a lot of ways!)

So I am feeling REALLY frustrated with my loss of freedom. I cannot go far from my house unless Jim is with me, or unless I have tanked up on the HEAVY anti-seizure drugs, which are super-sucky on my system... I can't take them more than a few days in a month or I end up just sleeping for days anyway. :( not to mention the other nasty side effects.

So. I'm sorry... I wish things had been better to report... but they've been rather sucky in this department. I can understand the grief of someone losing a companion or pet, and it is so many times magnified in service animals whose absence also mean huge life-changes! You miss the PET the same, but the changes can be really hard to cope with too.

If you want happier news, though, DO tune in to Cora's blog, and read how her life is coming along. I know nothing can replace Big Bertha, but our little Cora-pants is doing her best to grow up strong and smart, and she is a LOVE to EVERYONE and a great personality... she is tryin' hard to fill some very big paws!

Again, she's at: constant_heart

I have so much to be grateful for, that so many of you have been such fans of Big Bertha, it enriched my life, to share it with you, and hers to have gifts sent from so far and wide (some from across the GLOBE!). She knew she was well loved, and I am so grateful for the friendship and companionship online along the way.
5th-Aug-2010 12:05 am - Sad Day.
Yesterday (Tuesday) Started out very good.

Dad and Pa went to have pancakes, and I declined to go, but they brought me back leftovers! MMmmm... pancakes for breakfast!

But I am getting old, you know. I am not up to going out much. I am always sore, even though I get pinkillers everyday, and my eyesight is yucky. My poor body has tumours and my eyeball has a spot of cancer on it that makes it almost blind now.

I decline to go out a lot- though I surely did have fun at that giant fundraising BBQ! But I was so sore, for days, afterwards...

Today, Pa left the puppy's playpen open, for just a SECOND, and I stole her lucious giant COW FOOT... it has everything, even the little foot bones inside it. MMMMmmm.

I am not allowed. I could swallow the bones, plus, my poor teefies! I just had two out, you remember.

Dad caught me in the bedroom, hoarding it in my house, growling a little, like 'it is MINE now!!'

He tried to make me give it to him.

I went NO WAY!!

You know, it used to be, he would just take things away, and I would sigh and lay down- if I tried to swallow a small thing first he would go 'rottie diving' and stick his hand in my mouwf or throat and drag it right back out!

But it was different yesterday.

Dad reached for me, to TAKE it... and I hardly remember why I did what I did.

I lunged. I bit. I PUNISHED him for taking my treat away!

Then all of a sudden there was blood. everywhere. Dad's tshirt and hand and... oh no, oh no, oh NO...

I ran up to Pa, and I GAVE him the treat.

I ran into my house, and I yodel-cried and cried, like a puppy.

I cried... because I knew I had HURT Dad... very badly.

Pa zipped my house closed, like he never does... and put the puppy in her kennel, and they barely even got dressed- they just went to the ER.

I got very quiet.

Dad was gone a long time, while they cleaned his wounds and covered them, and gave him medicine. He cried a lot, I know, because when he came home, he was very, VERY SAD.

They talked to the vet on the phone, and do you know what she said?

She told Dad that she was very sorry, she didn't think I MEANT it, but she was especially sorry- because she has treated me for five years, and she said that she had JUST made a note last time, in my file, saying that it was time to have 'the talk' with Dad about it maybe being time to Euthenize... she was going to talk to him next time, and try to explain how uncomfortable I am, and how I was not the dog she has known for five years, anymore.

She said, in the past five months, I have changed... I am not as happy, and I am not okay anymore... that I am fighting 'retirement' and I am declining to leave the car to walk in stores and lay down in restraunts because I am always hurting... there wasn't much anyone could do anymore- my coughing might be the tumors pressing on my throat or lungs from inside... and I cannot see well anymore. She was SO soft with him- he cried a LOT, and when he got off the phone, he said thank you... thank you for telling me, because I won't have to feel like I over-reacted... and she said no, it is not about the bite. It is about WHY I bit... and it is time.

Our friend, RR, he came over and brought me a BIG rawhide bone. OM NOM NOM... I never eat them. I just GAURD them.

oh, oops. Yah.

He talked to Dad and Pa, while they let me gaurd it in the yard. I was very smug. MINE.

Dad was very brave, considering.

Then he went home... he has lost his own rottie not so long ago, so he KNOWS STUFF. He had helped Pa and Dad both, just cope with things.

I laid in the yard when Dad and Pa went back inside, and I gaurded my bone.

After a while, I was thirsty, and everyone was inside, and I was all... well... lemme go inside a minnit.

I came inside.

Dad and Pa rubbed on me, and I got a drink...

and Dad went outside.

TRICK!! Dirty Trick!!

He stole my bone, and put it away.

I spent an hour, sulking a little. Darnit. I shoulda brought it inside WITH me. OH well. I will be good, and lay with Dad and Pa in the living room... by the DOOR. In case we go out, and it might still be there.

You never know.

After a while, We DID go!! But it was not there. I knew it. Oh Dad and your dirty tricks of taking away the things I cannot have because I hoard them! darnit.

We got in the car, and Pa tried to take a picture of me with the cellphone- it said "Memory Full".

Pa cried a lot, in a sniffly 'I love you' kind of way, and I made him pet me. petpetpet! Bertha loves you too!!

We went to the pet store, but when we got there, I was all 'no thanks, I will wait in the car'... and when he took me out anyway, because the vet is also in that place, I was all cripply-dog. Lunging like that had really taken it outta me! I limped. ...Dad and Pa both cried a little bit. I was all, 'it's okay. Pet me. Things will be fine.'

They brought us right back to a room, and I got snuggles.

There was talk and paperwork and some snuffling and tears... and Dad took a picture of me. (He will post it soon)

They came and gave me shots (heeeey. darnit.) and I laid by Pa and Dad's feet... and got really really sleepy. ...I kept dozing off.

I knows what that means, you know... they're gunna make me sleep and do surgery or tests or something. Dangit.

But then I started to GET it... oh.


We are saying goodbye.

I knew that would happen. I am a Dog. I know about these things.

You know how people sometimes go crazy and do 'suicide by cop'?

I kinda did 'suicide by pack law'... I was all 'I can't take it anymore!' and that is the one thing a Service Dog can NEVER do. Bite a Human. ...and I had done that. I hurt DAD, when I am supposed to take CARE of Dad...

So I was very soft, and tolerant, while they got an IV catheter in me... they had to do two, because my blood pressure was low in one arm/paw... I was tolerant. I kissed Pa and Dad a little. I was all sleepy-soft.

They said 'oh my gosh... FEEL her shoulders!' and it was true- I am ALL muscle there. I had been walking 'hunched' because my back legs could not take my weight... and my shoulders were thick with muscle, while my hips were skinnier. I look okay standing, but walking... well. They did not realize how MUCH I was doing that!

They sat on the floor, and talked to me... and loved on me... and Dad held my paw... and Pa rubbed my ears...

And at some point while they were giving me the super-mega-dose of the anesthetic that they use to put you to sleep, I just... let go. Everyone felt it... The Vet thought it was over, but it took more to actually make my body let go- but my emotions... I was all, 'Yeah. I am ready now.'

They let Dad and Pa sit next to me for fifteen minutes or so, petting me and talking to me... so there would be time for my body to lose the last vestiges of life- the brain stays a while, you know. They kept me company... untill they felt, very suddenly, that I had tried to get up spiritually, but my body wasn't with me anymore! It was just a body.

Dad believes that is what happened. I woke up, so to speak, but without my body... I went 'OH... there. It is over now. I am still here, in spirit... but my body is gone now.'.

They talked to me some more... telling me that I could be free now- I could hang around like Axel did, or I could go on to a better place, or I could be reborn and do something new... anything I wanted! I was gone, but I would never be forgotton! I was still welcome in spirit, and they were not angry. Only Sad.

I was laying on a BIG blanket, but I was gone. It was just a shell now.

They made arrangements for me to be cremated, and returned in a big box like Axel. They also sent 'grave goods' with me, as they did with him... a Baggie of my favourite kibble and some lamb loaf and biscuits for a snack... my bandanna and collar on me, and my 'gentle leader' which had the nose off, which is 'you are free to play, not work' in my world- it meant "off duty" to me, in life!

They included my favourite blankie (it is pink with purple flowers all over it!) and my booda-hippo... a tiny toy I have never been without- and never chewed up because I WUV him.

They also put in my Octo- an octopus toy I LOVED to flog with! flog flog flog!! They kept sheepie, because I loved him so much but I shared him with them sometimes, so it will be the keepsake... I think that is pretty cool, you know... a part of me, with them.

The things will go with me, and be cremated too... and when they get me back, I will be in a pretty rosewood box, which can go right beside Axel's.

I know a lot of you will cry too. This is a very SAD thing! I did not WANT to leave, but I was done, you know? I was just done... I did not want to be sore and cranky and uncomfortable and blind anymore... I was so upset, I did not want to be 'retired' or watch Cora grow up to steal away my job... Dad's friend says that is why I was so hard on her- not /jealousy/ exactly... but I knew she would have to do my job RIGHT, and I had to make her understand what was and was not allowed, what was going to be /expected/ of her!!

This won't be the VERY Last post Ever... but it will be the last one from ME.

I will miss you all very much. I used to lay by Dad while he made these posts...

I am probably not far away right now, you know. I wanted to say goodbye to You, too.

Think about the good times, okay? QUEEN Berfala!

Think about Pa's camera: "Memory Full"

I will be just fine.
17th-Jul-2010 11:02 pm - I still Haz a JOB!!!
Oh Retirement, how I was hating you.

Then Pa and Dad got guested into a Fundraiser, called "Two-Step for Hope" for the "Hope for Horses" group that took the horse for us! (http://www.hopeforhorses.net/Home.html)

There was all KINDS of people there!! It was AMAZING.

And you know how I know?





Woo Hoooooo!!!

(and Da puppy hadta stay home cause she is not ready for that kind of thing yet! hah! I Is still QUEEN Berfala!)

I was so happy... it was amazing to me!

There were pretty tables all out on a LAWN... I was a little confused. It looked EXACTLY like a restraunt... except there was tables on a lawn outside a big bar that was decorated to look like a Barn... and there was a Stage and I was very very curious...

There were cattle and horses... and DOGS and DOGS!! I never SAW so many dogs at a 'restraunt' before!!

They had waitstaff, and the waitstaff kept coming to wait on MEEEEeee!

They would ask, "Can your dog have a rib to chew on?" and Dad would say "I'm sorry, no cooked bones, but she can have bites of anything else, fruit or veggies and things." and then...


EVERYTIME any of the bus or waitstaff came by, they gave me BITES OF FOOD!!!

OMG, OMG... I was in doggie heaven!

EVERYONE wanned to meet me, and love on me, and praise me.

I laid by Dad, and I behaved SO NICE.

I thought the country-western music was a bit loud, because I am a dog... but watching people dance was fun! And playing horseshoes behind us!

In fact, lots of people thought it was cool that they would come to bring me a rib-bone and I would politely decline. I cannot take cooked bones, Dad said no. I politely turned my head aside.

Dogs all around me got a rib or rib-bones to gnaw on, but i got hand-fed strawberries and melon bites, cooked carrots and bits of baked potato, peices of roasted pepper or bits of meat-scraps... one man cut meat OFF a rib just for me!! Another threw me meatballs. (tee hee hee)

I was just SO HAPPY.

Dad was good too, and Pa made tons of friends also, of course. I was just SO GLAD I had my Job Still... that Puppy gets to GO Places. That makes me suspicious that she will steal my JOB! ...now, I know there is a good life, and it is still MINE.

Mine Mine Mine!

It was a great time, had by all, and I have never been such a focus of attention except at the FAIR... I am hoping that if THIS is semi-retirement, it will last a long long time.


And if I am extra-fat because of tonight, I earned it honestly.


Scuse me while I go LOLL on the bed and sleep it off with Pa. DAD is still awake, but I am TIRED. Whew! That was lots of fun for a dog that is like, 70-80 (90?) years old in human years.
12th-Jun-2010 01:41 am - It's a dog's life!!
My poor Footsie!!

The paw pad tore off, after it got some kinda wound underneath it... it was so yucky. I kept licking and licking, and the paw pad was peeling off, and Dad was all "EEK EEEEEEK!!!"

I hadta go to the vet, but I was VERY good for them- even though they had to put me on the big table and cut the old pad off, and scrub it clean. (OWIES!)

Now I had medicine to rub on it, and the new pawpad was already mostly grown up underneath it... but I got a big wound still where the owie part was.


But still, There is the puppy, and I am trying to be nice to her now.

When there are fries, we have to share- a few for me and one for the puppy.

I have to get used to the fact that she gets four LITTLE meals, and I get two... the same size. (Being overwieght is sucky. I get more veggies and less kibble now!! ...I suspect there are less fries too, but Dad denies this.)

So the other night before bed, Pa was playing with the puppy, and she got very exhuberant, and she RAN into my HOUSE!!!



I EVICTED her very very quickly! OUT OUT OUT!!

Pa put her in HER house.

Then they went to get ready for bed.

When they got back?

I knowed how to handle this...

I had taken ALL my toys, plus my blanket, plus my giant caterpillar pillow... and made a barricade.


MY house, Cora. MINE.

3rd-Jun-2010 04:16 am - I was pretty good.
Even tho yesterday was my follow-up day at the vet...

Dad was worried I was going to say 'no wai! You can't lookit my teefies! you pulled some out!!'

But I was VERY good for the vet.

I loved on him, and he said, "Are you gunna let me see your teefies? Can I look?"

And I lifted my head, and opened my mouth to pant... that helped.

Then I let him stick his hands in there and move the gums around a little and poke and everything!!

He was VERY pleased- he says my gums are healing JUST FINE!!

I got a cookie.


I was also pretty happy to get to GO!!

I haven't been getting to GO places, because I have been feeling yucky, of course.

My ears are getting better, but my eyesight is still getting worse, and I have more little tumor-thingies on me. EW. They say they are 'benign' and don't need removing unless they grow bigger, but I keep getting new ones! EW.

I was pretty smug, though... I did everything I was asked to at the vet, and I loved on everyone- I am very forgiving, doncha think?

Well, There was ONE thing...


See, I gots a Leeeeeetle problem.

I wieghs 130 pounds.

That GREAT new food Dad found for me, with no grains that makes me so healthy??

He is feeding me WAY too much of it.


You know, *I* do not object to that.

But my 'normal' wieght is 110 or less...

and that is a bad bad thing on my poor hips and knees!!

I gots some new medicine for that, so I don't ache so much. It's expensive, but Dad says it is good for me and they will try to keep buying it. It's called "Rimadyl" and it is kind of like asprin for dogs, but better!

But that means I got to lose weight again, too.

I got to eat LESS of the kibbly food, although I can have my yummy veggies still...

Less Food is SAD.

Less knee-hip pain is HAPPY.

We will see which one wins out.



I am starting to kind of think about the Puppy more and more now.

Sometimes, I lay right next to her crate when it is bedtime, and I put my nose against the cage, and she puts her nose against the cage, and we sleep like that.

I still don't want her sleeping WITH me on the bed or anything yet, though. She is bouncy and nippy, and I am old and cranky.

But still.

She IS kind of cute.

I getting soft.
27th-May-2010 07:53 am - Breakthroughs? Maybe!
Dad said we had a "breakthrough" today... but I didn't break nuffin, I SWEARS!

See, I have not been too happy with the new Puppy. She is all bouncy and bitey and bark-happy-bow-y... and I am cranky old dog who doesn't like the idea of being replaced!!

We have been working, since she came, Dad and Pa and I... to make it easier for me to accept that she is a baby AND she is my new packmate...

LOTS of rules changed, and I did not like that- like I can't lick a plate clean anymore, because the puppy would be jealous or I might bark at her if she got too close and tried to share it!!

Also, SHE has toys that *I* cannot have!!!!


Dad says it's because they are so tiny, I could just swallow them up! But I think, yeah, so? YUMMY!

Dad says not so much, not so safe, either.

Well TODAY... THIS MORNING... in fact, just a LITTLE BIT AGO... (because Dad rushed to come make this post) I Did a SPECIAL thing.

I came into the living room, and I gave Dad a mild alert- I got his attention. He thought I might have to go potty, and he asked... but instead, I gave him the mild alert again. He didn't know what I could be alerting TO, if it was not him...

...nothing was cooking to be overcooking... nothing in the washer, dryer, or microwave... the cellphone was by him not by the bed... He was puzzled.

He signed (I use some ASL commands) and asked at the same time, "What? What Bertha? What?"

I turned around and lead him to the bedroom...

Dad followed! Uh Oh! What was wrong in the bedroom??

Da puppy was sitting by her cage door, whimpering to go outside and potty- she practically had her little legs crossed!!!

Dad was surprised!

He said, "The Puppy, Bertha?" and I sat down by the cage door. Yep. The puppy, Dad.

He let the puppy out, and I got up, and lead the way to the front door again.

He put the collar on the puppy, and I lead the way outside to do potties.

Dad were all SHOCKED and stuff!!

I was teaching the puppy!!!

I watched her, and I showed her, and I laid by the porch to watch to be sure she did it all right. When she stopped to play by gnawing on Dad's leg, I boofed softly- She looked at me, and then stopped.

Dad PRAISED me and PRAISED me!!

I lead the way inside too- so's the Puppy would remember that *I* go first inside... that's a pack thing. Dad, and me, and THEN puppy!! hrmf.

I was very tolerant while she ran under me and around me, untill Dad put her in her play pen (it is just a big wire thing so she can't get under the furniture, or chew wires) and then I went on back to lay on the bed.

My work here is done.

I have discovered I am Auntie Bertha.

(FINALLY, says Dad. hrmf. Oh Dad... I am a working dawg. How could I not help you with this? Puppy is making you frazzled. I will help. see?)
19th-May-2010 08:24 am - It Was a LONG Day!!
Dad keeps saying, "it was such a LONG day!!" about yesterday...


You think YOU got it bad, Dad? *I* was the center of all the BUSY!!

I had my twice-yearly trip to the vet, plus a teeth cleaning... icky.

Behind the cut for length!Collapse )

So when Dad says, "It was such a LONG DAY!!"

I is going to laugh at him.

YOU think it was a long day???

All YOU had to do, was get calls from the Vet on my health and drugs and THINGS... *I* had to have that all DONE to me!!

How YOU feel, after getting all those tests, plus two teefies pulled??


I feel better now.

I gots the GOOD kind of Drugs, like they give me for my hips and knees when they hurt.

And CANNED food.


Life, is maybe not so bad after all.
17th-May-2010 11:55 pm - I am Cranky Old Dawg now.
I have been very much the cranky old dawg this week, and Dad is all SURPRISED.

Duh, Dad... I is not STUPID... I am old and cripply.

Do you know what happens to the OLDEST, CRIPPLIEST Dawg in a PACK???


I am Not Sure that my pack is different yet, even though Dad says it is.

Today, Pa and Dad took constant_heart to the Vet...

I was cranky because they took her WITH and not me.

But then they brought her home, and she smelled like the vet, and shots, and things, and I felt kind of Bad for her. I laid in the bedroom near her crate, while Dad and Pa went to get a quick dinner.

They went to the little buffet, who gave them a peice of STEAK to give me! (it was super-well done, so all cabonized on the edges, and meaty good!)

I was DELIGHTED, and Dad hand-fed me peices. I felt VERY happy again! After all, if my Pack is still bringing me back resources, then I must be really important still!


Then Dad said MY Vet visit is tomorrow.

Whu Oh.

I don't much LIKE the vet much anymore- cause when you're young they just poke you a little, but when you're old they do TESTS and EXAMS and... tomorrow I gots to go under Anes-thes-ia...

Dad has been there, he says, and it will not be so scary as *I* think it is... and when they are done, he says they will know lots more about how my health is.

Plus, my teefies will be clean, and my nails all clipped! Plus, I will be getting new medicine, and that might make me feel better too...

I will not be happy about the going to the VET part of all that though.

14th-May-2010 10:38 pm - The Longest Day EVAR!!
Wow... Today was the LONGEST Day EVAR... I swear it was!!

Dad and Pa woke up SUPER early (at 4am!) and couldn't sleep in... so I got a yummy breakfast, and laid around while they did stuff.

Pa had to go to work, but Dad had a FRENZY of errends!!

First, he got SUPER excited, because some money had 'posted' at his bank. I dunno which post, because it was still early and cool, and he left me in the car while he did his banking- I wonder if it was a pee-post-it-note like *I* like to leave!

He came out with a thing he said would pay for the New Puppy... Some kinda 'cashier's check' thingy. He was awefully happy. He also had some money in his pocket, and wow did he have a lot of errends to run that required it!! EEK.

It was a WARM day, so I hadta go inside more than usual, because the car was hot- that included walking ALL OVER Wal-Mart... that's a nice place, but it's BIG, and I get soooo tired... I started gimping and limping, and Dad felt so bad for me.

He bought so many wierd things.

Fabric for little blankies...

A crate...

Some cans of real meat, for dogs...

He bought new doggie dishes, and just... he did a LOT of doggie-related errends too.

He came home, and I FLOPPED down on the porch to cool down.

He worked in the yard some more!!! He was chopping up the grass in this one shady area, and he said it was going to be the 'doggie potty spot'... hmmmm.

He is about half done, a BIG patch is bare gravel and soil... he says he will clear more, and then chop up the soil a bit more, then sprinkle bark on it- so we doggies can go potty there! That will make it easier for him to clean up after us!

He got TIRED, and went to rest.

Then Pa got off work- and he went to get him- but I was SO SORE, and SO TIRED... I was all "g'bye Dad... have a nice trip... I see you when you come home. bring back foam."

Dad laughed.

When they came back, it was a LONG TIME LATER.

They had THE PUPPY!!

The way they came home was wierd too- a BIG truck carried thier car on top of a big flatbed, and they had to push it into the parking spot.

Dad said something about a "thrown rod" but I didn't know the car even played fetch! Huh.

Then they assembled a new Crate and put it in the bedroom- and some friends came and drove them on MORE errends!! They took the puppy.

They came back with chew toys and a leash and collar and harness... so they could walk the puppy. That's good- Pa likes Walks, and I do NOT. hrmf. SHE can take him for endless walks around the block, the silly thing! She has plenty of energy!!

Dad says he will post lots of stuff about thier exciting day on the New Puppy's BLOG: constant_heart

He has pictures!!

He also wants me to tell you all how BIG the Baby is! WOWSERS!!

She is only 7 weeks old... and she wieghs /14/ pounds!!

That is like TWO cats.

She's a happy soul, and very very polite to me. I am still deciding what having her here MEANS... so I am a little standoffish, but I am not angry or upset. I am curious.

The Baby though... she TALKS and TALKS to me!! She tries to open her crate's latches!! She is TOO SMART!

Dad says she will get calmer when she gets used to me ignoring her... heh. I think she will learn that quiet dogs get my attention, not noisy ones.

It has been SUCH a LONG Day... Dad is exhausted, and Pa is too... and now they gots no CAR... but the Puppy has a Vet appointment tomorrow, so they might have to take the bus there for now- I knows all about the bus.

They can go alone, I is SO GIMPY... ow ow ow ow.

I'm just OLD Big Bertha now! I am sure glad for my painkillers on days like this!
14th-May-2010 07:18 am - Om NOM NOM Breakfast!
Today, Dad says the paypal CLEARED THE BANK!!!

There will be a new member of the family tonight!!!

I am very excited.

I am also very intrigued...

My Breakfast was so very yummy and interesting!

First, there were yam and carrot shreds. Then some frozen peas, which I thought was strange- Dad says he thought I would enjoy that, but I left some in the bowl and went to eat them when they thawed. Please to be thawing next time, Dad.

Then there was YOGURT!! Yummy yummy yummy... big Dollops of it!

Then a sprinkle of my kibble, which was very good too- and because it was on top I was all, MON Breakfast!! ...and then I went, 'oooh... wait... there's good stuff under here!'

Dad says I have never eaten my breakfast so slow and thoughtfully before!!

I like this. I feel more full, and I look more comfortable than when I bolt my kibble, Dad says!

So it will be a 'stay at home' day for me- while Dad and Pa go DO THINGS... Pa has to work half the day, and Dad has to run errends to get ready for the pup... and then I will have to stay at home after that- while they ROAD TRIP to get Da Puppy!!


Dad is happydancing.

haw haw!
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